April 7, 2019
9am to 4pm

About us


  ‘In April 2012, my dear friend Penny Kater, a horticulturalist, and I were wandering around my garden when we questioned if we were the only two people in our district who wanted to learn and exchange garden information , we talked about how enriching it would be to meet and share this wonderful ‘calling’ of gardening. And so the idea of the Paterson Allyn Garden Group was born.

This wonderful group of gardeners meet regularly to share, learn and discuss our love of gardening – I am sure I am not the only one whose sanity has been saved through the coming together of such like-minded people’

Now nearly seven later we are embarking on our first Paterson Allyn Garden Group Ramble and it is with great excitement that we invite you to visit 5 of our beautiful rambling country gardens in the charming Paterson and Allyn valleys'.

Janie Chandler


Our reasons to share our valleys


 A desire to share the many beautiful gardens in the Paterson Allyn valleys with as many people as possible, and the possibility of incidentally raising money for worthwhile community projects, are driving the garden ramble.

The five gardens selected for the ramble, are country gardens, spread out and rambling without the confines of suburbia to restrict their owners’ imagination. 

The vision defining the ramble includes not just five amazingly varied gardens, but has a distinct historical flavour, with the inclusion of “Duninald” on the outskirts of Paterson and the old Lindemans property “Cawarra” on the outskirts of Gresford, where owners will be on hand to talk about the long history of those properties and their gardens. 

Whilst our gardens are some distance apart, the route is a scenically enjoyable one, with a number of local eateries along the way. or pre-order a picnic and then enjoy a perfect day out in the country to see the sort of gardens which can only exist in a rural environment. 

Our Gardens

Garden 1



1525 Paterson Rd

 The beautiful historic garden at Duninald is a fine example of the simplicity of old farm garden design and showcases many old trees around the house and in the unique and magical woodland. 

Garden 2


163 Lennoxton Road, 


 A rustic and unusual garden - around each corner you will find interesting and quirky sights – whether it be a Canadian Canoe as a garlic bed or the toilets seat gardens, as you wonder up and down and around, you will be surprised at every turn.  

Garden 3



Lostock Road, 


The original home of Dr Henry Lindeman of Lindeman’s wines, and still the residence of descendants of the Lindeman family. Drive up the long sweeping road and take time to enjoy the history as you approach the beautiful blue sandstone house and buildings of the Cawarra Homestead.  

Garden 4



842 Allyn River Road,


Next to the historic St Mary on Allyn Church you will find 3 acres of a modern country garden. Walk down the wisteria drive and notice the historic 120 year old white cedar tree, along with the over 100 years wisteria arbor, both beautifully married into this modern and delightful garden.

Garden 5


'Allynbrook Park’

1645 Allyn River Road, 



Set amongst 4 acres of parkland garden, the property was once a traditional dairy, the owners have spent the last 10 years designing and building this beautiful garden - a joy to see. 

Pre-Order your picnic from these Cafes


Paterson Service Station Cafe 

4938 5566

Vacy General Store and Cafe 

4938 8138

Gresford Cross-Roads Cafe 

4938 9239

Additional Information



$5 Entry Fee at each Garden

     School Children Free

Parking is available at all gardens - restricted to cars and coaches of no 

more than 25 person capacity.

No dogs or pets - these are working farms

Café - Great food and drinks

Paterson Service Station and Café – Slice of either quiche or vegetable slice and salad - $15

Vacy Store and Café – Slice of either quiche or vegetable slice and salad - $15

Gresford Cross Roads Café and Post Office – Sandwiches and nibble bar - $7.50

Drinks, Sweet delights, Pies, Sausage Rolls etc are also available – just ask, pre-order, pay and collect at the ‘Pre-Ordered’ collection point within each Café.

You are welcome to bring a picnic rug or picnic chairs and tables to enjoy some great food available from 3 supporting local Cafés. 

Be aware

These are country gardens so we advise you to wear enclosed shoes, be aware of uneven surfaces, water i.e. dams, and general hazards associated with working country farms. 

Fuel and Toilets


Paterson Service Station and Café

Vacy General Store and Café

Gresford Garage and Rural 


Paterson – John Tucker Park 

Vacy – between the RFS and the Farmers Hotel

East Gresford – Orana Park and next to School of Arts building 

St Mary on Allyn


Gresford District Community Group

Paterson Service Station and Café

Vacy General Store and Café

Gresford Cross Roads Café

Boydell Wines at East Gresford

The money raised from this event will go towards the expansion of the Arboretum in East Gresford. This is a community project that has the support of the Gresford and District Community Group, the Garden Group and Landcare. The aim of the project is to showcase local flora especially endangered and rare species, to encourage local land owners to plant these species and to be an educational resource. The original plantings were done by the children of Gresford Public School with the assistance of the grandparents on Grandparents Day 2016.

A special thanks to the owners of the Gardens. Your enthusiasm and love of gardening makes this a special event not only for you but also to everyone who will visit your little piece of the beautiful Paterson and Allyn Valleys. Your assistance in participating in the Paterson Allyn Garden Groups first Garden Ramble is really appreciated. 

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